What is Spirituality?

    Spirituality is a broad concept often associated with religion but there are only a few people who really know the meaning of Spirituality. 

    Bible has defined Spirituality as a deep desire in which a human being feels the need to please a god and adapt to the thinking and ways of that god. It also says that a spiritual person should live in harmony and value all the directions of the Holy Spirit. But, there are many other understandings of the concept too. 

    Origin of Spirituality

    Before people learn about the benefits of spirituality, it is important for them to grasp where Spirituality originated from. It is said that following god’s ways and values and disregarding the material things in the world is Spirituality. So, you can say that it is also a psychological concept. Spirituality helps in attaining peace and calmness for a person. Thus, it is considered to be very important in every religion. 

    It is not very difficult to learn and adapt to the ways of God and adapt to spirituality. There are certain rules or values that a person needs to adhere to with which they can attain Spirituality. You need to listen, learn and obey all the commands of God. You also need to pray for his help whenever you find yourself in a predicament or problem. There are many misconceptions also regarding spirituality but you do not need to focus on that rather you should stick to your inner peace. You can also visit the spiritual places in the Himalayas to calm your mind and attain spirituality. 


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